About Us

Prestige Pool Service & Repairs is a family-owned and run swimming pool service & repair company servicing Central, Western and Northern Palm Beach County.  We are a “nice sized” full service company that tries our best to be honest, dependable, knowledgeable, and fair.  Our mottos are “It’s Always right to do it right” and Happy Swimming”

While we are a company that desires to make a profit, we are conscience-driven and know that if we do the right thing, our customers will be happy with us and recommend us to friends, family, and neighbors.  Please understand, when you call us, we strive to be “people pleasers” and make you happy.  While we are human, non-perfect people, we strive to do our best each and every day and be thankful for our blessings. 

Chip Sulie ZachThe owner is Doug “Chip the Pool Man” Carmack.  Moved to Palm Beach Gardens in 1969 and been here other than 4+ years for college.  Started in the pool business in 1988 and grown and learn a lot over the past 25+ years.  Some accomplishments are: very happily married to a wonderful, beautiful Peruvian woman and they share love for their precocious 9 year son.  Bachelors in Business Management, worked for Motorola and Pratt Whitney subsidiary before becoming an entrepreneur and building this company from scratch to about 800 pools.  Besides MBA level of education ne has many years experience with old pools, new pools, leaks, and all pool repairs.  He is the organizer planner, and sworn to “get the job done right”